Yikes ID Wrist Elite

yikes ID Wrist Elite

Cyclocross, Road, Trails, Water, CrossFit Gym: yikes ID delivers the sports wristband ID cyclists want to wear!

"Training for long course triathlons at the elite level required hours on the roads and trails, most often without training partners. Knowing that I have yikes ID on my bike, shoe, and person is very reassuring for me and those who care about me. Yikes ID is the first step in training safe and smart."
Ian Mikelson, 24th Place Pro Men, 2011 Ford Ironman World Championship

The yikes ID Wrist Elite takes comfort, style and visibility to a whole new level for your safety and peace of mind.

We've done away with those road sport deployment clasps as they lack comfort, are difficult to find the perfect fit when your wrist size changes during training, and have more parts that could break. The yikes ID Wrist Elite incorporates the softest yet most durable Italian silicone with a "belt like" tang-buckle for a secure fit. Diverse? Count on it! You can replace road sport type ID bands with a yikes ID Wrist Elite band or slide the yikes ID Wrist Elite stainless steel on your Timex Ironman or select Garmin wristbands.

Your yikes ID Wrist Elite is the Runner, Cyclist, Emergency Medical ID that will help you train safe. Be smart, be prepared.

Yikes ID Wrist Elite


  • Italian Silicone Wristband
    • WIdth: only 18mm (0.70 inch)
    • Length: One Size Fits all: 240 mm (9.44inch) - holes for easy adjustable, secure fit.
    • Enclosure: Stainless Steel tang-buckle (belt clasp), engraved with medical alert symbol
  • Stainless Steel Satin Finish tag: width, length: 19 x 33mm (.75 x 1.30 inch)
  • Laser Engrave up to 5 lines with up to 26 Characters per line
  • Includes either a Black or White wristband