Yikes ID Cyclist

yikes ID Cyclist

Won't Wear an ID? Attach It!

"I was hit by a car while training and received multiple fractures and head trauma. The reason I can tell my story today is because I had yikes ID with me. Always have your yikes ID and your helmet wherever you ride. It can save your life just like it saved mine."
Marie-Claude Molnar - World Silver Medalist Cycling, Canadian Paralympian

Finally, a visible identification designed specifically for cyclists who don’t like to wear anything more on their wrists. The yikes ID Cyclist tag attaches to either your helmet’s fitting system or chin strap. It’s very comfortable, safe, visible and most importantly, it’s effective.

First Responders / EMTs agree, attaching a yikes ID Cyclist visible emergency identification tag to your helmet is smart because not only is your vital information is always with you, it's in plain sight! Did you know Trauma Center physicians want to examine the injured cyclist’s helmet to help determine the extent of the impact.

Our patent pending yikes ID Cyclist tag is the only helmet ID tag that maintains the original streamline design of a rider's helmet. There's no dangerous metal near your head! Yikes ID laser engraves your information into a soft, flexible material that also includes the International Medical Alert symbol so its purpose is instantly recognized.

Create your yikes ID Cyclist tag for your helmet today.

Yikes ID Cyclist


  • yikes ID Cyclist tag: 1.5 x 5 cm (.6 x 1.96 inch)
  • Laser Engrave up to 4 lines of 26 Characters per line