Yikes! An impatient motorist, a squirrelly group rider, some unforeseen obstacle or condition and the next thing you know you're taking an involuntary sample of the local geology!

The Founders of yikes ID are seasoned veterans of Road, CycloCross, Triathlons and 10K Racing Circuits. We've logged countless hours and accumulated endless training miles in the saddle or pounding the pavement. We've learned each day brings new adventures that challenges ones limits yet also exposes one to potential risks that could jeopardize their safety!

This is why we created yikes ID in 2008. We wanted to introduce a new collection of Runner ID and Cycling ID designed specifically for the next generation of endurance athletes that train and compete on the edge. We've listened attentively to your suggestions and developed the highest quality, most streamlined, and comfortable visible emergency medical identification tags that one either wears like a sports wristband ID / bracelet ID or attaches to the equipment they use to train like a running shoe ID, cycling helmet ID, or bike ID.

Whether you're an avid cyclist, runner, triathlete, jogger, walker, hiker, skater, skier or concerned parent whose children are active outdoors; making yikes ID medical identification tags part of your required training routine is a smart decision.

yikes ID, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, the heart of fitness savvy sunny Southern California. As fellow cyclists and runners, we’ve experienced our own share of crashes and understand first hand the importance of having a visible ID in order to receive prompt medical attention.  Trivia: how did we come up with the company name yikes ID?  When you’ve witnessed a plethora of crashes, you find yourself saying: yikes! That’s going to hurt!

Ride Safe, Run Safe, Train Safe with yikes ID visible emergency medical identification tags.