Sample IDs

Yikes ID Wrist Elite
Up to 5 lines with 26 characters per line
Yikes ID Wrist Runner
Up to 5 lines with 26 characters per line
Yikes ID Wrist
Up to 5 lines with 26 characters per line
Yikes ID Bike
Up to 5 lines with 26 characters per line
Yikes ID Wrist Cyclist
Up to 4 lines with 26 characters per line

What should your yikes ID medical sports identification tag say? As much about you as possible, especially if you are unable to speak for yourself! When seconds count, it is critical to have a visible emergency medical identification that says as much about you, on the spot so you can receive prompt, accurate medical attention.

We’ve interviewed numerous EMT / First Responders and they’ve each stated when they first arrive at a scene, they will run through a series of tests to quickly determine the patient’s status prior to calling into the trauma center for medical direction.  EMTs are trained to gather:

General Info – patient name, chief complaints, age, gender, race, weight

Baseline Vital Signs – breathing, pulse, pupils, blood pressure

Sample History – medications; allergies to food, environment, or meds; past pertinent history like previous trauma and surgeries.

If you’re able to speak for yourself, conveying information like name, age, sample history is relatively easy. However all too often an injured athlete may either be in shock or unconscious. This is when their yikes ID really helps. You have up to 5 lines with 26 characters per line to display your vital information. If you need help with abbreviations or have questions, please check our Medical Terms abbreviations and FAQ for further assistance. Your information will be used to either administer proper medical care on the spot or prepare the trauma center for the patient’s arrival by having the right room, equipment and personnel prepared.

Question: won't EMTs check a website or call a Voice Response System? NO! There are regulatory and legal constraints that preclude EMT from giving too much information about a patient over the EMS transmission. Most importantly, when seconds count, why take the risk?

Yikes ID allows you to be prepared by selecting from a collection of visible emergency identification tags that meet every athlete's skill and lifestyle. Customize your Runner ID and Cyclist ID to meet your specific needs. Train safe with yikes ID.