Who is yikes ID?

yikes ID was formed out of a group of friends and some of their kids who often train miles from home while preparing to compete in cycling and running race circuits. We've seen our share of crashes and had the unfortunate pleasure of kissing the ground ourselves so many times our bodies now bare permanent road tattoos. It didn't take rocket science to realize the importance of having visible emergency medical identification, but what we found didn't truly meet the needs of a Runner ID or Cyclist ID.  Endurance runners didn't want annoying large shoe tags that flapped around on their shoes when they train and compete. Cyclists expressed their concern that the old road wrist band ID tags were too big and uncomfortable. Yikes ID allows athletes of every age and skill to express themselves with a new visible emergency medical identification designed specifically for their lifestyles. Learn more.

What is a yikes ID™?

YIKES! It's what you would yell when you're about to take involuntary samples of the local geology. Actually yikes ID is much more! yikes IDs are the next generation of visible emergency medical identification tags that are ultra thin, comfortable, and can be either worn or attached to your training equipment (shoe, bike, helmet). Made out of high quality, durable materials, yikes ID visible emergency identification tags are designed to help those assisting you, quickly learn your vital information about you to administer proper medical care while notifying your family and loved ones.

yikes ID™ collection consist of the following visible emergency medical ID tags designed for one's safety. Look at our Runner IDs and Cyclist IDs to satisfy the needs of today's cyclists and runners:

Who needs a yikes ID?

We think you'll agree, accidents happen!  So who needs a yikes ID? You, your family and your friends do. But if you're still not convinced, perhaps reading what some of our running and cycling customers, who like yourself, once questioned the need for a visible emergency identification and selected yikes ID. Go to TEAM for details.

What information should I include on my yikes ID?

Your yikes ID Runner ID, Bike ID, Wrist ID, Wrist Elite ID and Aware ID tags are custom laser engraved with up to 5 lines of your vital information with each line containing up to 26 characters.

Examples of a stainless steel laser engraved tag:

Your First and Last Name
City, State, Country
Emergency contact number
Emergency contact number
Date of Birth, Insurance, Medications, Allergies
Diabetic Type 1
Dr. Smith 310-555-2121

For more examples, Sample Runner IDs and Cyclist IDs

To help both the EMT/First Responders and the Emergency Admittance initiate proper care, we've provided an approved list of respective abbreviations Medical Conditions.

Your yikes ID Helmet is a soft silicone tag that contains up to 4 lines of your information with each line containing up to 25 characters.

Example of a yikes ID Helmet tag;

Your First and Last Name
City, State, Country
Emergency contact number (up to two phone numbers per line)
Emergency contact number or Date of Birth, Insurance, Medications, Allergies
Diabetic Type 1
310-555-1212 310-555-2121

What information should I include on my child’s yikes ID?

Keeping your child safe is very important.

Example of a yikes ID tag for your child:

Your child's First Name
City, State, Country
Emergency contact number
Insurance, Medications, Allergies
EDWARD J. 1982
Diabetic Type 1
Mom (310) 555-1212
Dad (310) 555-2121

Won’t my driver’s license do the same as a yikes ID?

Every piece of information about you can help however a driver's license only indicates where you live, not your vital medical information nor who to call in case of an emergency. As an EMT told us, they are not going to drive the ambulance to your house on the way to the hospital! Secondly, athletes who typically carry a driver's license, normally have them safely tucked away in their pocket which is not readily accessible to those providing you with emergency care. We've also seen EMT's cut an injured athlete's jersey off and stuff those possessions in a bag. If you wish to carry your license, we highly recommend augmenting the license with a yikes ID. When seconds count, wouldn't you want EMTs to provide prompt medical care while alerting your family and loved ones? Ride safe with a yikes ID Wrist Elite. Run safe with yikes ID Runner ID.

What should your yikes ID medical alert identification tag say: Sample ID tags

I carry a mobile phone with me during my training sessions, isn’t that good enough?

If you're lucky, your mobile phone can help but is often not viewed as solely the best option. Why? We know cyclists who have created Home and ICE (in case of emergency) contacts in their address books. This would be helpful if someone can get to it. But what if you fell on your mobile, breaking it? If you're injured and seconds count to potentially saving your life, do you really want to risk delaying how quickly and accurately your emergency care givers provide you with medical care? Your mobile also may not list your known medical conditions. Lastly, you're betting that First Responders will call someone for you. We've been told that EMTs responsibility is to stabilize and mobile. If you have medical information that is critical to your health, it's best to have it visible, with you like a Runner ID or Bike ID. Adding yikes ID while you train and compete is a smart decision and will help augment any limitations of a mobile phone options.

Will my yikes ID stainless steel tag fit on other road type identifications?

The yikes ID Wrist Elite was designed utilizing Italian silicone for comfort and durability. It also leverages yikes ID's philosophy of being visible yet compact. The yikes ID Wrist Elite wristband can be used to replace those old style road sport ID clamshell rubber wristbands. Beside comfort and durability, yikes ID Wrist Elite wristbands incorporate the standard tag buckle which can easily be adjusted on the fly for maximum flexibility – this is very important for comfort as ones wrist size changes during training. Lastly, the yikes ID Wrist Elite can fit on a Timex Ironman or Garmin watchband. To learn more: Yikes ID Wrist Elite

Yikes ID was the first company to introduce a visible emergency medical ID that fit on a Livestrong or similar awareness bracelet. Our stainless steel tags are interchangeable with other bracelets. To learn more: Yikes ID Aware

Will my yikes ID Wrist stainless steel tag fit on my LIVESTRONG™ Wristband?

The yikes ID Aware does! The yikes ID Aware is the first company to offer a visible identification designed to perfectly fit over a LIVESTRONG, Susan G. Komen or other silicone awareness bracelet. The yikes ID Aware is so comfortable and thin, you won't have to take it off thereby always having the protection of a visible identification while displaying your support for a charitable cause. We sell the yikes ID Aware tag either by itself or you can add a color silicone bracelet to your order. (Note: we recommend going to your charity of choice like LIVESTRONG, Susan G. Komen, Breast Cancer, AIDS, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and purchasing one of their bracelets – remember, it's for a good cause). To learn more: yikes ID AWARE

Can I select a charity where proceeds from my purchase will be donated?

yikes ID is a proud supporter of various charitable organizations and donates a portion of the proceeds from specific products to the following charitable organization:

Charitable Organizations

Are yikes IDs guaranteed?

Absolutely! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please send an email to Customer Support alerting them of the return and then send your return in the post for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of your order.

You will also be happy to know our stainless steel ID has a lifetime guarantee assuring your laser engraved information will not wear out under normal wear and tear otherwise we will replace it at no charge.

NOTE: Our lifetime guarantee applies to the engraving on the stainless steel ID plate only. This lifetime guarantee does not apply to the yikes ID webbing as well as the Cyclist ID tags. Although these styles are very durable, they may wear over time. Please look at our Accessories for low-cost replacements.

What is your Privacy Policy?

At yikes ID, protecting your privacy is taken very seriously. Our policy is simple: We will not sell, rent or distribute your name, email address or other identifiable information to any third party; and we will take reasonable steps to protect the security of the Personal Information we collect from you. Please read our yikes ID Privacy Policy for details.

What makes the yikes ID line of identification different from other forms of wearable identification?

yikes IDs are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and the thinnest (most streamline) visible emergency identification products available in today's market. The bottom line, yikes IDs blow away any competitive offering because yikes IDs are highly visible and attach to the equipment you use during your workout so you'll never forget to carry your ID. yikes ID is driving new standards by taking great care to deliver the highest quality, most durable, line of custom personal identification for athletes and children available in today's market. Your yikes ID Shoe use high quality stainless steel custom tags that are laser engraved for highly legible, superior quality and nearly indestructible images. yikes IDs are "leaner & meaner". We've learned from surveys that other road type ID are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Our yikes ID products are highly visible yet streamlined meaning thinner, less obtrusive and use a soft albeit durable nylon webbing for your comfort and protection. Lastly, yikes IDs deliver a better overall economic value.

What happens if my yikes ID arrives with mistakes?

We always try our best but apologize in advance as sometimes an error slips through our strict production quality control process. It must be a human thing! If your yikes ID is delivered with a mistake, please inform yikes ID Customer Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will immediately resolve the problem at no charge if we made the mistake. If however you made the mistake – well give us your best excuse and we'll happily correct your order and ship your modified yikes ID. (there may be a small shipping fee to cover the post).

When will I receive my yikes ID?

Your yikes ID will immediately enter our production process and normally ships from our Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA within 24 hours. We will ship globally via United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class unless instructed to do otherwise. 

USPS First Class Postal Delivery schedules:

  • Within the United States, 3-6 days from your order date
  • To Canada, Latin America, Europe, APAC, 7-10 days from your order date

USPS Priority Mail

  • Within the United States, 2-4 days from your order date
  • To Canada, Latin America, Europe, APAC, 4-7 days from your order date.

Do you offer an Interactive (web based) version of your ID?

Not yet. Why? Our research indicates that although this type of offering would be great for building a recurring revenue business, it's not the best product for our customers at this time. Two reasons. First, our research indicates that this Interactive version would not be used by EMT/ First Responders whose primary responsibility is to gather your vitals and stabilize you for transport. Nor would Emergency Admittance immediately use it as they've indicated they have enough time to call your family and loved ones but are reluctant to access the Internet for your medical records in a timely manner. When seconds count in saving your life, do you really want to risk any delays? This is why we recommend putting as much vital information on your visible tag as possible.

Second, there are strict Privacy Rulings that govern the security and privacy of health data like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act), as well as International Regulations that prohibit its citizen's personal health information to reside in databases within the United States. This restriction is due to the U.S. Patriot ACT that gives the U.S. Government access to this information without ones permission. Therefore we believe it is in your best safety, economic and privacy interest if we not offer an Interactive service at this time but instead focus on providing you and your loved ones with the best wearable and attachable identification styles available in today's global market.

Other Comments or Questions

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