Yikes ID Bike

yikes ID Bike

Won’t Wear an ID? Attach It!

"I have active twins who love to ride their bicycles around our neigbourhood. I knew it would be impossible to get my children to remember to wear a wristband each and every time they rode so I attached a yikes ID Bike tag to their saddles. Now they always have an identification with them. That's peace of mind."
Dave T., Toronto, ON  Canada

The yikes ID Bike tag is a visible emergency identification that attaches to the rails beneath your bicycle saddle (seat) or saddle bag so you always have an ID with you.

The yikes ID Bike tag is perfect ID for competitive racers, weekend cyclists, and a child's bicycle or school backpacks. It’s lightweight, always with you on each ride, plus it’s recognizable with the International Medical Alert symbol on both sides. Knock on wood you’ll never experience a cycling accident but if you do, everyone naturally looks at your bike, especially if the accident involves a vehicle. Your yikes ID Bike tag will be seen and used to help save your life

Yikes ID Bike


  • Nylon Seat Strap width, length: 1.9 x 9 cm (.75 x 3.5 inch). Includes nylon cord.
  • Stainless Steel Satin Finish width, length: 1.6 x 4.2cm (.63 x 1.65 inch)
  • Laser Engrave up to 5 lines of up to 26 Characters per line